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Sarina, was born in New York and raised in Europe and Israel. Her international upbringing and mentality as well as her work experience in international companies involving extensive travel exposed her to many different countries and cultures.

Her multinational and cultural background has significantly contributed to her creative capability and open mind, and her ability to appreciate different traditions from different countries and seeing the unique beauty in each of them. At the same time her background in planning, designing and coordinating events, Sarina has gained extensive experience in both corporate and private events.

Sarina has a profound knowledge of Israel and a network of local connections provide the highest level of services and vendors at reasonable costs.

She especially enjoys and takes pride in her close relationship with clients, learning of their tastes, desires and wishes, drawing inspiration from them and their ideas of celebration. With great sense of organization and attention to detail her main aim is that each event will create an experience that is truly one of a kind.

Sarina holds a LLB and a BA in business administration. Prior to launching her own company, Sarina was employed by multinational companies and worked for the Goethe Institute in the field of exhibitions and events.

Sarina on a personal note: "After planning my own wedding 6 years ago, I realized that event planning is what I should be doing as a profession. The excitement and Joy of planning my own event led me to this realization and this is how it all began!"

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